Concept Art for Oriceran Universe

Oriceran is a collaborative effort between myself, Martha Carr and a host of others.  Right now, it’s kind of tiny and it includes one artist who is working on concept art.

Where we go in the future is anyone’s guess, but for right now, the MAIN man is Hui (Cglas on Twitch) and he has really helped pull together some concepts from the ramblings of Martha and myself.

I want to share a couple of those concepts right now.

Light Elves Kingdom


The Oriceran Light Elves in Quest for Vengeance (Book 0 of The Prophesies of Oriceran) has a floating Castle (kinda cool!)  We spoke w/ CGlas and here is one of the concepts for the castle after he read an early copy of the story.

We see the Elves walking through the castle as they explain to Liera about the murder which kicked off the first book in the stories.

While I can’t go too much into the story right now (read the snippets!) I find it cool to have the ability to start imagining more scenes here, in the Castle ‘that can’t be seen.’




My second concept art is a piece that CGlas did for some early character work including Leira, the Queen and the King (or is it “Bert”?)

Also, the character I think is going to be one of the favorites in the future.


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