Dark Forest – Snippet 3

Dark Forest: The Revelations of Oriceran, Soul Stone Mage, Book 2

By Sarah Noffke & Martha Carr

The Kingdom of Virgo has lived in peace for thousands of years… until now.

Chapter Two

Azure and Richard froze, exchanging cautious looks. Azure craned her head around to the next cell. In it stood a guy she recognized, strangely enough.

You?” she exclaimed, blinking at the person before her. It was the guard who had allowed her to enter the Land of Terran. Robert.

“Yes, me.” His hands gripped the bars. “Guess how I landed myself in jail? I’ll give you a hint, it had everything to do with falling for your flirtatious act.”

“Oh, so they discovered that you didn’t check me out when I entered the border, huh? Man, that sucks.” Azure laughed softly. She’d offered to meet this guy for a date in order to persuade him not to call the customs office when she’d entered the Land of Terran.

“It really sucks,” he agreed, “but today is your lucky day.”

“You’d laugh if you truly knew what kind of day I’ve had,” Azure told him.

Robert’s eyes darted to the man beside Azure, and he bowed his head slightly in respect. “Emperor Richard, a pleasure.”

“I’m actually not—”

“That’s not important presently.” Azure focused on Robert. “You said you could help me retrieve my soul stone?”

“I can. Most of the other guards don’t know I’ve been put in jail. If you let me out of here, I can retrieve your soul stone from the confiscation room. I’ll be able to slip in and out, no problem.”

Azure regarded him for a long moment. “What’s the catch? And it’d better not include a date this time. I should think you would have gathered by now that I was going to stand you up.”

“I did figure as much,” Robert said. “Just magically put me into my guard’s uniform, and I’ll go in there and grab your soul stone. Then we’ll all walk out of here free.”

Checking the hallway, Azure confirmed it was still empty, but that wouldn’t last much longer. “Okay, fine, but when you leave here, lie low. Don’t attract any attention to the fact that you’ve escaped. As soon as they figure it out, they’ll have the palace on lock down.”

“Hey, I’m here to make things easier. Don’t worry!” Robert smiled.

FROM SARAH>>>Here we have a snippet from book 2 in the Soul Stone Mage series. This one is with Azure and her father. A little tidbit about me: I met my father later in life. It wasn’t a traditional situation, but we’ve made it a wonderfully wholesome one. My father and I are now very close. Anyway, in writing Azure’s relationship with her father, I was able to draw from real life. Were you able to relate to Azure and all the strangeness surrounding her family? Thoughts? Ideas? Share, please.

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