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Tales from the Oriceran Universe: Fans Write For The Fans: Volume 1

January 16, 2019

Oriceran readers and fans come together again to create a book by the fans – for the fans.

Eight exciting and magical adventures make up Volume 1 of LMBPN Publishing’s Best-Selling Fans Write for the Fans series.

Trapped by Lucinda Pebre

Being born into crime has its difficulties. In order to save her brother and herself, Stacey must enter a hotel belonging to her family’s main competitor.

Stacey is a thief, but this job is different—the stakes are higher. She is forced to steal in exchange for her brother’s life. When she finds an injured wolf, she discovers there’s more in the universe than she has ever known, but now she has to choose whether to risk all or let the wolf die.

White Mountains Manifestation by Tracey Byrnes

Three teenagers. A hike in the White Mountains. And a moose…

What could possibly go wrong?

A lot…especially when ancient magic enters the mix.

Black Magic Mafia by Tim Bischoff

When black magic and organized crime combine to create designer drugs, it’s a recipe for tragedy.

The local sheriff’s office is outgunned and outmanned, leaving the community vulnerable.

Is there anyone the sheriff can call for help?

Jed is unique. Born of legend and trained in war, but these days bounties pay the bills.

When people in his community start to suffer, there will be a reckoning!

Just A Little Magic by Kat N Snow

Talents are funny things. Some have them very strongly, and others have just a bit. Mostly it depends on what you do with them. Do these girls have enough?

A Confluence of Metal and Magic by TR Cameron

Dark magic arises in yet another city, and a new team of agents assembles to fight it.

Combat experience: significant. Magic experience: less significant.

Who better to lead them than no-nonsense, highly experienced Agent Diana Sheen?

It’s a new gig in a new town with a mostly new crew.

Troll Tales by Mandi F

What happens when mischievous, fun-loving trolls get caught up in something bigger than themselves? When things are a-changin’ and mysterious goings-on are afoot, follow this determined and adventurous trio to the answers they seek.

We all know what curiosity did to the cat, but who can help themselves when it seems like it’s the right…well, really, the only thing to do?

All In A Day’s Work by Lisa Frett

Stephanie and Trig are in a hurry to find and stop a psychotic and murderous gnome.

The gnome Pembroke is tired of working for the Light Elves in their library on Oriceran. He finally has what he needs to leave his misery behind and bring his own form of misery to the planet Earth.

Will Stephanie and Trig find him in time? Or will the humans of northern Vermont be in danger from the murderous little bugger?

With the help of two child ogres, the witch Stephanie and her wizard partner Trig must find and stop psycho-gnome Pembroke before he turns northern Vermont into his killing ground.

Southwest Style by Craig Lewis

Poverty and lack of opportunity can lead to a vicious cycle. Lack of local opportunity compels anyone seeking better to seek it elsewhere.  This is particularly true when such individuals were in fact exceptional enough to be noticed even among bigger fish in a big pool. Those who choose to remain with their roots and protect and guide those who would otherwise be forgotten can well be considered heroes.

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January 16, 2019
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