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The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone Book 18: War of the Four Worlds

April 19, 2019

The government and the underworld have finally learned their lesson about not taking on James Brownstone, but some enemies will never learn. 

Some enemies can only be destroyed.

James and Shay’s wedding is fast approaching, as is the bounty hunter’s semi-retirement. He’s ready to replace butt-kicking with barbecue, convinced he can have a life filled with something other than constant violence.

Do the sins of a world weigh on a single man?

The Vax don’t care about barbecue, Shay, or Earth.

The fanatical race is only interested in one thing: purging a heretic and a threat to their people. And now they’re on his trail. 

Anyone who gets in their way is nothing more than another threat to be eliminated.

A brutal attack on Oriceran leads to accusations that the United States is sheltering a monster, which causes a rise in tension between Earth and the planet of magic.

Brownstone’s secrets have protected him, but can he explain away death and destruction accomplished using his powers?

As James’ darkest nightmare begins to unfold, the ultimate challenge appears before him. 

The government and the Alliance have their own plans, and they’ll require sacrifices for the greater good, starting with making a certain barbecue-loving bounty hunter risk everything.

James is used to being able to take on anyone and win, but he’s finally facing off against a remorseless foe with all of his strengths and none of his weaknesses. With his country, family, and planet on the line, it’s time for the final battle.

Will James be able to claim victory without sacrificing himself?

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April 19, 2019
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