The start of the beginning…or was it the end?

Michael Anderle, my co-conspirator and collaborator asked me to write an ongoing diary about what this whole process is like. It’s my first time writing something like this with someone else. What makes someone with a great full-time job decide to collaborate on a new series in the first place, and build an entirely new universe big enough to welcome in a whole host of new authors? I have to admit it. I’m trying to push things. I have a few different reasons. One of them is just to see if I can do it. I’ve done just about everything else in the writing world except the creation of a story with someone else.

Another is because the opportunity is there (what an opportunity!), and I’ve learned that if you just do what you can for one day, all those days add up to something. Sometimes something big. It’s cool to find out the small day-to-day stuff is enough to make something real and substantial. The average body, like me can accomplish great things. Trust me, on the whole, I’m an average schmo and very happy to have achieved average.

There’s another reason buried in there that I don’t like to talk about too much. Don’t like making things about me. But, I know every time someone asks me, why are you doing this, it’s there in the background. I’ve had cancer five times (maybe six, I’ve stopped trying to count it up all the time) and maybe there is a little less time. I want to leave something for my beautiful son, Louie, who will be 30 this year and has the wonderful Katie. We make up a small-ish family that in recent years has grown and come to include a lot of wonderfully weird friends. We are busting at the seams with people these days.

And recently, Louie asked me to think about creating something to leave behind for him. It was going to be this or a really badass road trip that will be televised. May still do that too. Think about how we can package that one too, Anderle.

Of course, I will read this again when I’m 90 and think, fuck, how incredibly melodramatic Carr. Then, I’ll laugh my ancient, saggy ass off.

But either way, short or long life, this is a hell of a ride that only keeps getting better.

Life has been getting better and better, even if it’s moving faster and faster. I’ve been a ghost writer before but that’s a professional writer trying to help someone craft their story. If I do that right, no one knows I was there.

To collaborate successfully, both writers have to be willing to be honest (in other words, very present and opposite of ghost writing) and at the same time, operate without having to be right. Michael and I listen to each other as if our mind can be changed and we expect each other to say something good, something cool that we want to hear. True so far.

Do things that way and the best of both of us ends up on the page. It is reflected in our contribution to the artwork (which is mind-blowing good thanks to an incredible artist) and all the ways we can come up with to grow this thing. So far, really good. That’s my last reason and the one I check in with all the time to make sure it’s still there. It’s a lot of fun. Maybe the most I’ve had in a long career full of some pretty cool opportunities. More on that in later entries. In the meantime, keep reading people. It’s just getting good. More adventures to follow.

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  1. This is probably the wrong place, it is the first place I found to email you without joining a club.
    Please make a regular Kindle edition of Quest For Magic.
    I don’t want paperback anymore. Kindle is just better.
    If I wanted it read to me, I would get my Dad. It is not the same as reading the story.

    1. Post

      Hi Sam – That’s for being a great fan! We have rolled Quest for Magic into Book One – Waking Magic and taken the ebook of Quest for Magic down. Great eye! We forgot to remove the ebook and paperback as well. That was super helpful. You can find the entire beginning of the story for the Leira Chronicles in Waking Magic, Book One.
      Thank you!
      Martha Carr

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