Lancothy – Snippet 3


Lancothy, Soul Stone Mage Book Six

By Sarrah Noffke & Martha Carr

Snippet 3

Azure turned and looked at Ever. With his jet-black hair, blue eyes and pointy ears, he was quite the sight to look at. Too often she’d watched as women gawked at the Light Elf when in public. However, it was Ever who lately didn’t seem to take his eyes off of Azure. Ever since she’d returned from being abducted, covered in blood, he seemed more concerned for her even though she had the protective amulet.

“That page from the Book of the Dead could quite possibly include a way to end vampirism,” Gran said. “That’s the reason that the original founders stole the pages in the first place. We can’t entrust it to a pooka to deliver.”

Manx dropped the ball from his mouth and morphed into the form of a black goat. “Maw! I take offense to that.”

“What are you going to do, eat my shoes? Oh, wait, you already did that,” Gran said looking off to the side, like she could see Manx then she returned her gaze to Azure. “It appears you’re going to have to return to Virgo. We need to decipher that page. This might be the key, although I know there’s more than one page.”

Azure shook her head. “I can’t, Gran. I’ve promised the coven here that I would help. And more importantly, there’s a witch who has been turned and a wizard who is under the control of the vampires. I’m going to help them.”

“Sari, do you think that Gillian could decipher the page through the scrying bowl?” Ever asked.

Sari looked off and a muttering sound filled the air. “He said no.”

“He’s there?” Azure asked.

“I’m here,” Gillian’s voice called. “I’m not certain that I can decipher the page at all. Someone in the Light Elf library might be able to but if they find out we have it they’ll confiscate the page.”

“That’s rude,” Laurel said. “They don’t own the page.”

“But they own the book,” Gillian said. “I really need to study the page in person.”

“I’m not sure how to get it to you,” Azure said. “We’re setting off for Lancothy. The vampires are hunting for bats and we need to cut them off.”

“You’re what?” Gran asked, her face flushing red. “Send Monet and Ever back with the page. We can’t risk those two getting turned.”

“I’m not leaving Azure,” Monet said, pushing up to a sitting position and peering out the carriage window which ran from the floor to ceiling.

“Me either,” Ever said, shaking his head.

“Azure, you have some loyal mutts,” Gran said and then she looked off, probably in the direction of Gillian. “That’s a fine idea. That’s what I like about you, Gillian, you actually think.”

“What did he say?” Azure asked.

“He proposes that we meet you on the Mountain of Truth, which is on your way to Lancothy,” Gran said. “Mage Lenore might be able to offer some help on this debacle.”

“Do you think she can decipher the page or has answers about how to cure vampirism?” Azure asked.

“Dear Azure,” Gran began. “I’m fairly certain that Mage Lenore has the answer to almost everything but she wants us all to figure it out on our own. That damn witch won’t give us a shortcut to save her damn life.”

“Okay, then we’ll meet with you on the Mountain of Truth,” Azure said. It would be good to find out why Mage Lenore gave her the protective ruby. Well, her cousin, a batty old witch had been the one to give it to Azure, but it was from Mage Lenore.

“How are you going to find your way up the Mountain of Truth?” Ever asked.

Sari looked in Gillian’s direction. “I know, they’re silly children who have no clue.” She looked back at Ever. “Don’t you worry, youngin. We will be there.”

Azure cast a sideways look at Ever. “You are a youngin, aren’t you? Monet and I have like seventy-five years on you.”

“Fifty,” Ever corrected.

“Which for magical beings, pretty much puts you two at the same age,” Gran said. “You were born in the same century which is all that matters.”

“Matters for what?” Azure asked.

“Never mind that for now, child,” Gran said.

“The sun is setting. Unless we’re ordering pizza then we better get to dinner,” Monet said.

“All you think about is your stomach,” Gran said, pursing her lips in disapproval.

“Actually, I care about not getting bitten since the bloody beasts prowl at night,” Monet retorted.

“Oh, well that’s a valid point,” Gran replied. “Don’t get yourself bit, Monet Torrance or I’ll have your head.”

“Yes, mam,” said Monet, winking at Azure and then whispering. “She loves me.”

“I do not,” Gran sang, wiping her wand over the scry bowl and disappearing.