Making Magic

Making Magic

It’s an amazing thing to have an author like Michael Anderle approach you and ask, “You want to help create a universe?” That was about six months ago and it’s been a wild ride ever since.

Just a little background. I was searching for the next thing to do and mentioned it to Michael, who helped me come up with a few ideas. A few days later he called back and said, let’s do something bigger, bolder!

We were off and running.

At first, we swore we’d take it slow and just publish the first series in the new Oriceran Universe, The Liera Chronicles – and then invite in other authors. Maybe in August some time.

That lasted two weeks.

First, Michael pulled the trigger. Then I did it. Then we both did it again. Okay, so that’s a launch of an entirely new universe with new art and new sites and new magic with six authors right out of the gate.

Uh oh…

But I have this philosophy I live by that goes something like this. Swim out to the deep waters where you know you can’t do things alone. In other words, pick the right people and then go for the big stuff. Test your limits. See how far you can go, and then go a little further. Take it one day at a time and just keep going.

That’s been my constant motto now for six months – just keep going.

A little more background. Last October, I was diagnosed with cancer, again. That was in the middle of putting out my own six book thriller series – and my fifth bout of cancer. There was a little surgery and a lot of lying still. Then, I remind myself all the time that there was that Great Recession thing and I was a print journalist in New York City. At one point I owned a bed, three and a half chairs and a bureau and that was it. I kept going through all of that with the support of the community around me and things worked out great!

As a matter of fact, when I look back at my life (which is far from over just yet), what I see are the great adventures. Like the two years I spent living on different orphanages researching a book or writing a piece for the Washington Post that inspired hundreds of emails and ran somewhere in the world for over three years, or during some of the roughest times, how many people right around me kept bringing over casseroles and even found a decent couch. It’s all good.

Okay, back to the present day.

Now, I’m stretching again in a lot of directions, including a new approach to writing and creating new types of magic and magical creatures and collaborating with a lot of authors – while working full time at a corporate job. It’s overwhelming at times and I’ve taken up yoga and swimming and eating really clean to be at my best while this unfolds – but it’s also helping me to reach for more. It feels like I’m changing from the inside out.

Who knew that creating an entire universe would turn out to be so life changing? It’s another adventure and I’m so grateful I’m getting to go on it with all of you. More adventures to follow.

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