Meet our new authors!

Two More New Authors Writing in the Oriceran Universe

Our family continues to grow. So happy to announce two more authors joining the Oriceran Universe!

Flint Maxwell

I’m Flint Maxwell. I live in Ohio, a place where the sports teams are consistently disappointing and the skies are almost always gray, but hope to one day move to Mars. I’ve been writing, in some form or other, for as long as I can remember.

I love Star Wars, Stephen King, zombies, horror novels and films, basketball, and a good love story (not necessarily in that order). My favorite book of all time is The Drawing of the Three, the second book in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series; and my favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back. I have a cat named Kevin. And I hope my stories entertain you and allow you to escape reality, if just for a little while.

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Sarah Noffke

Sarah Noffke is an Amazon Best Seller, writes YA and NA sci-fi fantasy and is the author of the Lucidites, Reverians, Ren, Vagabond Circus and Olento Research series. She holds a Masters of Management and teaches college business courses. Most of her students have no idea that she toils away her hours crafting fictional characters. Noffke’s books are top rated and best-sellers on Kindle. Currently, she has fifteen novels published. Her books are available in paperback, audio and in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

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The first books in the Prophesies of Oriceran will be out soon!