Mountain of Truth – Snippet 5

Mountain of Truth: The Revelations of Oriceran, Soul Stone Mage, Book 3

By Sarah Noffke & Martha Carr

Snippet 5


The Kingdom of Virgo has lived in peace for thousands of years… until now. 

Chapter Four

Azure’s stomach howled with such a tenacious force she thought it would tear her in two. She laced up her boots, rising to a standing a position.

“Okay, little tummy. Sorry I’ve neglected you,” she said to herself. She strode through her new chamber, leaving the double doors to her bedroom open. Perfect, she thought as her eyes landed on the fresh bread and jam lying on a silver tray in the sitting room. She plucked the toast off the tray, her mouth opened wide to bite.

“Oh, hell no!” a voice called from the entrance to her chamber. The toast flew from her hand and slammed against the far wall. Azure froze and lifted her eyes to find Gran standing in the entryway. The queen mother had her wand pointed at her. She was still wearing her dressing gown. Azure lowered her arm and shook her head at the old witch.

“Did your crystal ball tell you to intervene because I was just about to obtain nourishment?” Azure asked, staring longingly at the other piece of toast on the tray.

“Pretty much, and it’s a good thing.” Gran scrambled over, grabbing Azure by the wrist and hauling her to the scrying bowl in the corner. “I was up consulting the phases of the full moons last night, as I’m sure you were too.”

“You know me so well,” Azure said, a laugh in her voice.

“Well, it told me to check randomly on a few residents of the Kingdom. You won’t believe what I found.”

“That every single one of them doesn’t like a batty old witch spying on them when they’re in their pajamas?” Azure asked with mock curiosity.

“No, but good guess. Check it out for yourself.” The queen mother stirred the liquid in the scrying bowl with her wand, muttering an incantation as she did. An image of Finnegan, the Chief of Husbandry, sat before the hearth of his fireplace. A fairy stood on either side of him.

“Try again,” Navi commanded.

Finnegan held up his wand, pointing it at a tea cup. A spark sprang from his wand and wrapped the teacup in light before it transformed into a mouse, which quickly scurried off.

“That was an improvement. It configured,” Luna said, smiling at the wizard.

He shook his head. “I was trying to transfigure it into a raccoon.”

“Oh, then that is a problem,” Navi said, shaking her head.

“My magic… What’s wrong with it?” Finnegan pulled at his wiry turquoise hair, his eyes distraught.

“I told you something was wrong with the well water,” Luna sang, her voice teasing.

“Not now, Luna. He’s upset,” Navi said, snapping at the other fairy.

Gran stepped back, shaking her head at the bowl. “I scried a dozen witches and wizards around Virgo, and it was all the same.” She turned, her lavender eyes unusually serious.  “I’m afraid that virus Emeri contracted in the Land of Terran has come to Virgo.”

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