Mountain of Truth – Snippet 8

Mountain of Truth: The Revelations of Oriceran, Soul Stone Mage, Book 3

By Sarah Noffke & Martha Carr

Snippet 8


The Kingdom of Virgo has lived in peace for thousands of years… until now.

“You came…” she said, breathless.

In unison the herd stepped forward, tightening the circle around her.

“I need… I’m asking for your help,” Azure stuttered, and she twirled again, trying to make eye contact with each of the majestic creatures. “The streams and therefore the wells of Virgo have been infected with a virus that robs us of our magic. I know… Well, I’ve heard rumors that your horns can purify. I was hoping that you’d help us heal our water supply. If you did, I’d be forever grateful.”

The animals continued to gaze at her, none of them shifting their expressions after her request. Not one unicorn moved. They were like statues, staring at her, measuring each second by her heartbeat.

“You should know that even before this I would have given you whatever you desire. However, if there’s a special request I can grant now, then I will. The people of Virgo will be forever in your debt, and I, as their queen, am happy to do whatever it is you ask. Please, I just need you to save my people. We can’t survive without water, and we won’t live long without our magic…” Azure’s voice trailed away. What else could she say? The unicorns already seemed to know her, since they could find her whenever she was looking for them.

A humming grew louder from in front of Azure. Sparks flew up just as a tiny blonde-headed pixie popped out of a unicorn’s mane.

“Buzz Buzz!” Azure exclaimed, strangely happy to see her.

She flew forward and circled Azure’s head, her blue wings working double-time. The little pixie muttered faster than ever as she soared briefly and landed on Azure’s shoulder.

“I’m guessing you’ve been all right,” Azure said.

The pixie took off again and flew in front of Azure, hovering in the air. She nodded and pointed to the unicorns around them and nodded again. She made motions with her hands as if she were forming a small ball. She swung her arms back and forth like rocking a baby and then threw the imaginary bundle back at the herd, turning to Azure and nodding profusely—like any of that made sense.

“So they are going to help me?” Azure asked, her voice uncertain.

Buzz Buzz nodded adamantly.

A long exhale brought Azure’s shoulders down. “Thank Merlin!”

The unicorns unfroze and parted in front of her, moving to the side. Behind them Azure noticed something small curled up in a patch of green plants. She squinted, taking a step forward to make out what it was. The object stirred and lifted its head. A tiny unicorn foal stared back at her, its bright blue eyes regarding her with a deep knowing.

“Oh, wow!” Azure exclaimed.

Buzz Buzz flew in front of her, pointing at the small unicorn and then at Azure.

“Wait… Me? They want me…” Azure stuttered on the words, not sure this was computing or ever could. “They want me to care for this young unicorn?”

Buzz Buzz nodded her head, her eyes wide and a smile covering her face.

“But why? I mean, I’m grateful, but why are they trusting one of theirs to me?” Azure asked. This didn’t make any sense.

Buzz Buzz simply shrugged and flew toward the herd, disappearing into a unicorn’s mane.

Azure stared at the unicorns, who were all waiting for her answer. “Ummm… I’m thrilled you’re going to help me. And if you want me to watch over this baby unicorn in return, then I’m happy to—”

A cloud of dust cut Azure off, and she threw her arm across her face to protect her eyes. The unicorns had turned in unison and thundered in the opposite direction, not even waiting for her to finish her sentence. Hopefully they would all spread out and dip their magical horns into the streams and wells, purifying Virgo’s water source. Azure trusted the unicorns. And if they wanted her to care for the young colt before her, then that’s what she’d do.

The unicorn rocked forward and then backward, making his way to his legs. Once on his hooves, he stared up at Azure with an affectionate expression.

“Hey, little one. I have been given the honor of caring for you,” Azure said, kneeling and staring at the unicorn.

The foal raised its head, nestling its cool nose against Azure’s and licking it sweetly.

She giggled when she pulled away. The unicorn stared at her with his large blue eyes. They would disarm the most hardened warrior.

He seemed to smile at her, then he opened his mouth and a loud burp ripped from him. “Thank you, Queen Azure,” the unicorn said, speaking in a way Azure had never witnessed or heard of a unicorn doing, “but I do believe you haven’t been given an honor by caring for me. Rather, according to my herd, you’ve been given a burden.”

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