Quest for Magic – Snippet 3

Snippet #3 from Quest for Magic – Book Zero in the Liera Chronicles!

She found her way to their unmarked patrol car in the open lot, opened the door and sat very still behind the wheel, waiting to see if something else was going to happen.

Nothing did.

“First step of going crazy is making an ass of yourself,” she said, taking deep breaths. She blinked her eyes a few times, hard, taking a look around to see if she could conjure up the image.

Nothing. She tried again. She needed to be sure. Blink. Blink.

“So, this won’t be like I Dream of Jeanie. Okay, either I sit here or try driving,” she said starting the car. “Always did love a challenge. Steady as she goes, brain. Let’s see if we can get home in one piece.”

She pulled the green Mustang out onto the one-way street, tightening her grip on the wheel, turning up the music.

“I am not my mother, I am not my mother.”

Damn headaches.

Behind her there was a hum and a pop. A pin hole appeared between the first row of cars, opening up till it was large enough for the two tall elves to step through. Swirls of light surrounded them, making them invisible to the few people parking their car or walking through the parking lot.

“She can see us,” said the taller of the two elves. An elven crown held down his straight, silver hair that was tucked around pointed ears, and flowed off the back of his head and past his shoulders. His words came out sounding like a stream of music that floated on the air.

“It would appear so,” said the older elf. He raised a long, slender arm, thin streams of colored light trailing behind every movement. He made a half circle to the right with his hand as a violet ball of light, glowing yellow in the center, no bigger than a baseball bounced in the air in front of them.

“Go,” sang the elf.

The violet ball of light zipped down the street in the direction of the green Mustang that was just turning the corner a few blocks away. The light slid easily under the back fender and stayed there, giving off a low glow as the car drove out of sight.

“She’s well suited for our needs. A detective, right?” asked the royal elf.

“They call her a homicide detective.”

“You know what it means, don’t you? That she can see us? The energy within her is strong. Stronger than it should be in a human being. Stronger than it’s been in this world for thousands of years.”

“Fifteen millennia ago.” There was a short pause. “That could prove to be a problem,” said the older elf, slowly looking around at the buildings and vehicles lined up and down the street. “First the murder, now this girl can see us. Something is not right.”

“One thing at a time. Be glad she can see us. We need her help.” Pain passed across his face as he looked around the area, noting the strange buildings. “My son is dead long before his time. Someone will need to pay for it.”

“Time is running short for answers, I fear, your majesty.”

“Then, let’s get on with it.”

The older elf sang out a loud single note as the hole widened again and they stepped back inside of the glowing portal, in the middle of the parking lot.

No one glanced up, even as they all thought of the same song.

“La, da, da, da,” sang an orderly on his way into work. “Ode to Joy, beautiful symphony. Wonder what made me think of that?”

“Ode to Joy? Nah, man, theme to Die Hard, dude,” said his friend, humming the same tune. “Best Christmas movie ever. Was thinking about the same song. Weird, huh? Coincidences. Gotta love ‘em.”

“Yeah, you and me,” said the orderly, smirking, “we’re like twins.”

A low hum went undetected behind them as the hole quickly disappeared and a last spray of gold flashed and sparkled on the dark pavement.


Liera was relieved to pull up in front of the small blue house on Rainey Street and got out, waving to the people on the front porch next door. They were already drinking. Most of the colorfully-painted houses on the street doubled as bars and happy hour was just getting underway.

The strings of white lights hanging from the front of the porch were already on even though the sun wasn’t quite set. The neon green ‘Estelle’ that was mounted above the roof line was even lit.

Liera went through the tall gate marked ‘private’ to the side of the house and walked through the painted metal tables and chairs on the oversized patio toward the small guest house in the back.

She rented the place when she was still in college and saw no reason to move once she headed out into the real world, especially after her grandmother disappeared.

Her grandmother vanished without a trace. The unsolved case was Liera’s motivation to become a cop and her grandmother never had a chance to see her make detective.

There had to be a reason and some day she had vowed, she’d find it.

Besides, the rent was the right price these days. Free in exchange for stomping out bar fights, which were a rarity, and occasionally bringing her coworkers home for a drink.

At least as far as the patio. Estelle liked having cops around her place of business. She said it kept away a lower element.


FROM MARTHA >>> Snippet #3! Girl’s got a lot going on and now there’s a little magic in the mix. She’s gonna’ need a friend. And we’re closing in on the release date where we start rockin’ and rollin’. There’s been a lot of that behind the scenes trying to get all of the moving parts to work together. Michael Anderle keeps mentioning something about a tranq gun but I can’t tell if it’s a cry for help or I should be ducking! Stay tuned…

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