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UNEDITED (Don’t give me any grief, Carr!)

Book Zero of the Chronicles of Liera

Detective Liera Berens was getting impatient. Murder suspects shouldn’t get to call the shots, at least not in her version of the rules.

Her headache wasn’t helping things.

“You’re going to need to come out sometime, Arthur,” Liera yelled, from where she stood in the weed-filled, postage-stamp of a front yard. She was giving the suspect five minutes to think it over but then she was going in and getting him.

The five minutes was just to make her Captain happy. Happy Captain, happy life.

“Fuck, Arthur, it’s us or the Mexican Federales,” she yelled, squinting into the hot Texas sun. “I hear our hospitality is better.”

“He’s coming out,” said her partner, Detective Felix Hagan. “He’s out of options. We’re the only ones who won’t shoot him, or worse.”

Arthur was a punk kid in a local upstart gang trying to take over territory in Austin. He had killed a man in a Tijuana bar fight. Normally, not an Austin problem.

Tough luck that the dead guy was a member of the Latin Kings. Even worse luck when the Kings picked up Arthur’s best friend who quickly told them every secret, including a few about Arthur.

They had cornered Arthur in a biker bar on South Lamar and Arthur chose to shoot his way out of there. A kid fresh out of college, not much younger than Liera, took a bullet to his neck.

Unintended consequences.

He bled out in a minute making Arthur an Austin P.D. problem. Now, everyone was looking for Arthur.

Liera glanced down at her watch. The face of the watch shimmered and blurred for a moment. Gold sparks shot out in every direction. She froze, staring at her watch.

“Shit,” she whispered, looking around quickly before looking back at her watch, “Not again.” Two days of watching things lose their shape and glow like the fourth of July had her unnerved. Two young for a stroke, or at least she hoped so.

Worse idea, she was going crazy like her mother, Eireka Berens. Sent off to the padded rooms at thirty-two when Liera was just ten years old for talking about entire worlds that no one else could see.

Liera shook her head and looked again. The dial of the watch cleared. One more minute.

“You getting antsy? Youth,” said her partner, with a snort of laughter.

Liera glanced at him and back at the run-down bungalow. She was giving him the look he had nicknamed, the cold fish, the first week they rode together. Liera thought of it as more of a blank slate.

“Don’t be an asshole, Felix, just because I can still see my shoes. Old age is making you cranky.” She said it matter of factly.

“That would bother me more if you were wearing grown-up shoes,” he said, smirking at her Merrell Vapor blue and orange thin-soled running shoes. It was the most expensive thing she ever wore.

“Somebody’s got to be able to run after the bad guys,” she said, not looking in Hagan’s direction. He let out a laugh. He liked his young partner even if she was impossible to read. Frankly, he saw it as one of her better qualities even if he could never tell if she was trying to make a joke or just stating the obvious.

It didn’t take him long to also realize Liera didn’t like chitchat and never hesitated to shoot.

More reasons to like her.

She wasn’t much to look at despite the curves and skinny pants she favored, and flawless ivory skin with a face framed by thick, short dark hair that curled around her face. Men occasionally tried asking her out when she was at University of Texas but no one ever got her way of looking at the world. She liked being able to reason things out and leave feelings out of it.

Not exactly willing to tell a guy what he wanted to hear didn’t help her dating profile.

“Damn house looks like it’s being held together by the paint chips,” she said, still aiming her semi .40 at the front door. “Okay, enough of this,” she said, taking the front steps two at a time. “Arthur shouldn’t get to eat his last meal as a free idiot in peace.”

“I’ll make sure to tell the Captain you paused before doing your usual foot through the front door,” said Hagan, following her up the stairs, his .45 raised as he quickly scanned left to right.

Liera turned, her back to the door and kicked backwards, splintering the old wood as the door swung open, banging against the wall. She swiveled and whispered, “going left.”

Hagan nodded, slipping down the narrow hallway to the right toward the bedrooms.

“Clear!” Liera called out from the kitchen, looking out toward the back porch.

A plate of half-eaten mac and cheese was on the kitchen table. Liera kicked a fork, making it slide across the floor. “Arthur, your last meal was powdered orange cheese,” she said. “It’s poor choices like these that got you to this point in time.”

A loud crack rang out. Detective Hagan let out a deep, strangled scream.

“Stop! Stop goddammit!” he yelled.

FROM MICHAEL >>> Well, hell, here we go again!

Just a few days over 17 months ago (I think, let me count this stuff on my fingers… Nov 2015 to April 2017, 17 right?) I put out this little book called Death Becomes Her. It was set in a new Universe… One that had a very twisted set of Aliens called Kurtherians that were the REAL cause of Vampires and Werewolves (paranormal) in the stories we have ourselves.

This type of revisionist history appealed to many of my readers along with a morally strong main character by the name of Bethany Anne.

TKG (and the whole Kurtherian Gambit Universe) has exploded which has been a significant blessing creatively except for one small part.

No true urban fantasy.

We DO have an Age of Magic that is being built, but that age is in the future, and the fantasy part is going to play out differently than what would happen due to the science in the Kurtherian Universe and the fact that paranormal is where I went, originally.

This time, I wanted to focus on the fantasy and do it all again.

I wanted to take from our history, our alternate ideas and weave a new version of history that speaks to the inner conspiracy geek in me. One that weaves truth, partial truth and some concepts of science and makes a new ‘what if.’

And, if this what if is true, why aren’t we being TOLD the truth?

Probably the same reason if aliens are a part of life right now, the government wouldn’t be telling us. They would say we aren’t ready for the truth, some of the government wouldn’t have a clue, and deep, dark areas WOULD know.

Personally, I think we are capable of knowing.

So, we are creating the Oriceran Universe to finally tell the stories that need to be told.  

Are you ready for the truth?


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