Quest For Magic – Snippet 02 of …


Detective Berens wasn’t sure if her partner was yelling in defense or out of habit. She ran down the hall and saw Arthur squirm through the window in the back bedroom.

She turned to see Hagan collapsed on the floor holding his shoulder. There was blood seeping through his fingers. “Go, get him!” he yelled through his clenched teeth. “Get the little fucker!”

“Call for a bus,” she yelled over her shoulder as she easily slipped through the window and took off running after Arthur who was leaping over the chain link fence into the next yard.

She vaulted over the fence and landed, already running as she closed the distance between them. Arthur looked back to see where she was and was surprised to find Liera right at his heels.

He was doubly surprised when she punched him hard in the face in mid-stride before tackling him.

“That’s for Hagan,” she spit out, wrenching his arms behind his back and pulling the zip-ties tight around his wrists.

“You broke my fucking nose, you bitch!”

“Yeah, you’re having one hell of a bad day,” she said. She pressed a bony knee into the small of his back.

“What the hell? You taking steroids?” whined Arthur. “How you get to be so strong?”

Liera dragged Arthur back to the small house and right up to the window. Before he could register anything, she shoved him back through the window he had recently slid out of.

He landed with a thud. “Damn, lock me in the car. Why you have to do me like that? Never use a door?” whined Arthur, rolling over and trying to stand.

Liera ignored him and shoved him to the floor. “Shut up and stay there.”

The sound of sirens was getting closer.

“Hagan, you okay?” she asked after coming back from the bathroom, a rag in her hand. “Here, press this on your shoulder. It’s the least questionable towel I could find in this place.”

“Damn, Berens, you sound like you’re worried. Makes me think I might be dying if you’re concerned.”  He let out a grunt.

Liera gave him the dead fish look.

“Much better,” he smiled. “Now, I know I’ll be okay.”

“Get a room,” sneered Arthur. Liera walked over to him and delivered a swift kick. She stood over him waiting to see if he had anything else to say.

Nothing but the occasional whimper until a couple of uniforms came to take him away.

“Feel free to bounce his head a couple of times when you tell him to duck getting into the back,” she said, as they marched him out.

Later, Liera waited at the hospital until Detective Hagan was stitched up and relaxing with green jello in his own room.

“This is the life,” he said, lying back in his bed trying to fish out the last piece of Jello with a spoon, one-handed. Liera managed to give him a smile.

“Gotta go,” she told him. “Your wife on the way?”

He looked up, “Yeah, damn boss wouldn’t let her off any earlier without clocking out. My fault, just a little. I told her all I got was a scratch. Go before she sees me and the yelling starts,” he said, with a wink.

Liera slipped by the nurses’ station just as Rose Hagan was demanding to know why her husband had to stay overnight.

She thought about stopping to say hello but just as she turned to head in that direction the large center desk lost its shape and the gold fireworks started again.

“Damn, it’s bigger,” Liera whispered, frozen to the spot. She reached behind to feel for the wall to try and orient herself.

“Oh no,” she said, as the middle section of the station disappeared altogether. The center of the oversized circle turned a watery gray. Her eyes grew wide and she instinctively rested her hand on her gun, holstered at her waist.

Someone, or something in the giant murky space was looking back at her. “Not happening,” she whispered, as she stepped forward trying to get a better look.

The gold fireworks around the edges hummed. Hell, they snapped, crackled and popped. “This is a hell of a hallucination,” said Liera, as she put out her hand to see what would happen.

Curiosity was always her go-to even when caution was the sane thing to do. But sanity was clearly checking out so why not go all in.

Whatever it was felt squishy and large, more solid than she expected.

“Hey!” said a startled nurse, trying to right a small tray of small paper cups filled with different pills, all bouncing around on the tray. Liera’s hand was still resting on her boob.

The nurses’ station was back where it belonged and the large opening was gone.

No more sparklers. Just low fluorescent lighting again.

“Sorry about that,” said Liera, quickly removing her hand. “Was trying to point at something,” she said. Making something up on the fly always ended badly for her. She tended to stick closely to the truth but she was never faced with trying to explain her own crazy before.

“Next time, ask before you touch,” said the nurse.

Liera gave her the dead fish look. “Not really my type,” she said, trying to make a joke.

The nurse narrowed her eyes. “You should be so lucky.”

“Into… men…” Liera said to the nurse’s retreating back. The nurses at the desk were all smiling and laughing. Liera nodded and waved, feeling her face grow warmer as she headed down the hall. “Crap.”

FROM MICHAEL >>> Snippet number #2!

We be rocking 😉

I LOVE the fact that our hero is about to find out something cool, but there are just a couple of potholes on the way 😉

I have just uploaded the first concept art post, and now this second snippet, I’m rocking too!

(See Martha, I get stuff done.)


When Martha reads these notes, I’m probably going to hear about it in two ways.

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Unfortunately, I’ve made Martha an admin of this website.  So, if these comments at the end of these snippets ever seem like they are messed up? I’m blaming Martha for coming in and tweaking them – it absolutely didn’t have anything to do with me needing sleep and screwing up the text or something and posting without looking a second time – I’m sure that can’t be right.

There, now I’ve setup the truth in a whole new way.


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