Rhazdon’s Final Battle – Oriceran Universe

The last great battle on Oriceran to defeat Rhazdon and his followers.

From Waking Magic: Book One (a sneak peek no less!)

“Rhazdon didn’t care about anyone or anything else. Vengeance was his only motivation to prove the Atlanteans, this part of himself he had embraced, were superior. He used the followers to create dissent, eventually leading to small battles that were only growing worse. Eventually, the prophets stepped in and once more gathered together the kings. One enormous battle commenced that wiped out most of Rhazdon’s followers. A great painting to commemorate the worst and best day on Oriceran hangs in our post office.”
“So many things I want to ask. Only things in our post office are wanted posters and ads for stamps.”
“After that, peace came to Oriceran and has lasted all this time,” he said.
“An entire group of people had to be wiped out, twice. That is intense. What about their leader, this Rhazdon. What became of him?”
“The king of the Light Elves chased him into the castle. He was seen in the tower when it burned and fell to the ground. Rhazdon was trapped inside. He couldn’t have survived inside the burning rubble. Their magic, their books, their potions, all of it was taken away and locked up by the prophets. Gnomes protect it to this day.”

FROM MARTHA >>> Rhazdon was one badass twisted mister and this is one badass painting to commemorate that battle and his final stand! So much more to come for Liera and her friends! Welcome to the Oriceran Universe everyone!

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