Rule of Magic RELEASE!

Rule of Magic, The Leira Chronicles Book 4

By Martha Carr & Michael Anderle

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There are some on our planet who believe you can’t handle the truth, so the truth has been hidden for millennia. The only problem is the truth is coming back… Early. 

And Magic is Real. 

Leira Berens is still in search of the powerful Oriceran necklace as the mystery surrounding Rhazdon continues to unfold. 

Yumf##k is back, along with the regulars at Estelle’s and Correk as Leira learns more about who she is from Turner Underwood, a mysterious and ancient Light Elf who knows more than he admits.

Leira is learning how to use her magic but will it be enough?

Everyone on Earth is learning there’s a magical place called Oriceran and the race for artifacts is on with governments competing against corporations as the Silver Griffins do their best to keep magic in check.

Welcome to The Revelations of Oriceran. 

Because some believe you can’t handle the truth.