Shimmer RELEASE!


Shimmer, The Fairhaven Chronicles Book  2

By S.M. Boyce & Martha Carr

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Oriceran is rife with secrets… and you may not want to know the answers. 

Thanks to an ancient artifact, Victoria Brie is stuck with dark magic in her blood until the day she dies. And if she’s not careful, that day will come too soon.

There are those who would kill her simply for what she is: a Rhazdon host, master of incredible power. To make matters worse, the madman who murdered her parents is dead-set on slitting her throat, too.

Like hell. Victoria won’t go down without a fight.

But there’s trouble brewing in the shadows of her beloved hometown. In the alleyways and shadows of the charmingly magical Fairhaven, dangerous magic from a bygone era is resurfacing. Worse still, it only reacts to the touch of a single being: Audrey, Victoria’s best friend. It begins to twist Audrey’s mind, urging her to a faraway land the world thought was lost…


There are answers in Atlantis, clues that could give Victoria the power to finally destroy the man who killed her parents. But every step she takes toward Atlantis shines light on a world brimming with lies, murder, and deception. If Victoria isn’t careful, she’ll lose Audrey to the mystical city buried beneath an ocean.

Victoria’s used to being hunted… but no one threatens her friend and lives.

This series is an enchanting urban fantasy saga with sarcastic ogres, wise-cracking wizards, and a brutally addictive full-contact sport called Berserk. Your only regret will be not starting it sooner.