The Creatures of Oriceran

One of the best things about Oriceran is the enormous number of creatures that reside there. They can be frightening, beautiful, deadly, wonderous, quirky, and mysterious.

Here’s a handy alphabetized list of many of the creatures from Oriceran.

Arachnids – Humanoid spider creatures, standing upright on two legs and have six arms coming from their torso, three on each side. They live deep in the Dark Forest and are lead by the Widow. Most fight with swords, knives, and bows, but some have been known to master dark magic.

Cankerworms – These small gray worms live only in the Passage of Skeel. They have no eyes, a suction-like mouth and a body that looks like a twisted plastic bag which all the air has been vacuumed out of. They attach themselves to the torso of any creature with a long lifespan and suck the years off the life of that creature. If unnoticed, they will drain the life of their hosts over the course of one night.

Centaurs – These are the traditional half-man, half horse creatures you’re used to. They tend to roam in packs and are extremely prideful.

Chezlewok – A towering creature with massive claws, enormous strength, and dagger-like teeth. Their dark blue skin shimmers in the light. Large spikes radiate around their ears and necks.

Crystal People – These large creatures resemble a yeti covered in large crystals. They live only in the frozen areas of Oriceran and possess intelligence. They are friendly, for the most part, but their size can be intimidating.

Cyclops – These creatures generally take the form of the one-eyed giants you know and love. They live in the desert in a solitary fashion since they’re hard to get along with. They tend to live in caves with something to guard. They’re practically the opposite of Crystal People as they are simple-minded and unfriendly. Their worst fears are water and storms.

Dragons – Baby dragons are about the size of a rat, but grow to be enormous. They can imprint on someone and if they do, it’s a lifelong bond that can’t be broken or else the dragon will die.

Dryads – These elusive creatures protect the forests of Oriceran and have the ability to turn wrongdoers into statues. The locations of the various tribes are kept secret by the Light Elves and the Gnomes.

Fairies – Humanoid creatures that are a mere two inches tall. They speak many, or perhaps all languages and like to care for plants.

Fidgets – Small round creatures that are used as the points system in the game of Berserk. They’re indestructible and love to be chased. The color of their fur corresponds to different amounts of points. Gold is ten points, green is fifty, and black is one hundred.

Gnomes – The oldest creatures on Oriceran – no more than two feet tall, wear suits and dark bowlers and among other things. They act as the librarians of the vast Light Elf library. Red flowers on the rim of their bowlers tend to spit, do a raspberry, and growl as a warning signals for the gnomes.

Goblins – Small, savage creatures who only want gold or blood. They have long pointy ears and wrinkled skin. Usually they have many metal rings piercing their ears and wear makeshift armor from found objects. They live in large groups and brandish small weapons.

Harpies – The result of a dragon/greater-vulture cross, harpies are an invasive species that kill without remorse or consideration, allow the victims to rot in the sun and always come back three days later to feed. They have long toxic claws, sharp teeth, and a serpentine tail. They are cold blooded and like sunlight to warm their bodies. They have two legs with clawed feet, and two wings with no arms.

Kilomea – Large, brutish creatures that live on Oriceran and underground on earth. They have similarities to the Crystal People as they are about the same size and both possess intelligence.

Mermaids & Mermen – Live in lakes and seas. They prefer to eat fish but will eat other creatures if properly motivated. They’re allergic to witches and wizards, but they’re not helpless. The bite of a mermaid or merman causes hallucinations unless it’s wrapped in seaweed. They have built-in weapons in the form of sharp claws and pointy teeth.

Orcs – Considered extremely violent, but have a civilized side. Make their own weapons out of bone and a specialized metal that is extra strong and helpful for cutting through dragon hide.

Pixies – Small humanoid creatures that stand at around eight inches tall. They were unleashed on Fairhaven by the wood elf that performed an illegal experiment fusing creatures with mechanical tech. The people of Fairhaven find them to be an annoyance as their wings make them extremely difficult to catch. Their squeaky gibberish is impossible to understand, yet they can understand many, or possibly all languages spoken to them.

Pooka – Mischievous fairies, also known as Will-o-Wisps. They will lure travelers off the path with a lantern that keeps shifting directions. The pooka throw unsuspecting travelers in the mud, harass farmers to pay attention to them, play tricks, destroy property and do just about anything they feel like without remorse. They are also extremely loyal, helpful and great traveling companions if they like someone. They can shift to the form of a stallion, raven, fox, goat, cat, dog and rabbit, and are always black with beams of light for eyes.

Rakshaaks – These bony giants guard Trevilsom Prison and ooze magic that combats and warps magic from other sources. The closer a Rakshaak gets, the more powerful their magic is. If another magical creature is near them, thier minds will become addled and the Rakshaak will feed on their fear, confusion and insanity. These creatures have no mouths and no language. Their neckless heads float above their shoulders connected only by a column of smoke. If their heads touch their shoulders, they will die. The more a Rakshaak feeds, the longer its neck becomes and the safer it is from death.

Trevor Beetle – Found in the Dark Forest, these flesh-eating beetles travel in swarms and can be repelled by water.

Triffles – Cat-like creatures that live only in Fairhaven but are sometimes illegally exported to other cities as exotic pets… much to their owners’ regret. These cannot be tamed, will eat every piece of fabric you own, and they will pee in your mattress. Every. Day.

Trolls (Tree & Fern) – Most are five inches tall but can morph into menacing creatures up to twelve feet tall. Usually these are creatures the troll has seen before.

  • Tree Trolls – Live in small wooden houses with round openings in the branches of trees. They line their beds with moss and are known for their neon green tufts of hair.
  • Fern Trolls – Stay close to the ground and dig out a mushroom or large rock. They can be identified by their blue and brown striped tufts of hair.

Unicorns – Unicorns can be found in various places on Oriceran. There is a herd near the Kingdom of Virgo. These unicorns have a shimmering white body and rainbow-colored mane and tail. They are rarely seen, but every part of them can be used to create powerful potions, such as the potion for immortality. The unicorn’s horn can purify poisoned water.

Willens – Silver oversized rats that can walk on two legs, talk and like to collect or steal objects from others, which they hide in the folds of their silvery skin. They’re able to move around so quietly that they often go unnoticed. Terrible gossips, great bargainers.

That’s all the creatures we have for now! Keep an eye out for more detailed blog posts on your favorite creatures in the future.

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