The Light Elves Castle

The Light Elves castle that hangs in the sky with stairs made from a spell.

From Quest for Magic: Book Zero

“Another necessary enchantment. We’re back at the edge of the castle.”
“How does anyone ever know that?” asked Liera, looking around. All she saw was a vast empty clearing surrounded by the forest. “If I squint, I can just make out wavy lines, I think. The whole thing is invisible or what, non-existent?” Her stomach gave a lurch just remembering the stark view between her feet, high up in the castle.
“That’s the whole point,” said Bert. “You can’t attack what you can’t find.”
“Which begs the question, how did Bill Somers find the castle, and that one room, and so easily?” she said, counting everything off on her fingers.
FROM MARTHA >>> So many things to find out! Such a fun story! It all unfolds soon, people, soon!


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