Yes, as a matter of fact, I CAN handle the truth!

As some of those fans who read this know, I am the creator of The Kurtherian Gambit Series, a co-collaborator on what will be over forty (I think) collaborations in the KGU (Kurtherian Gambit Universe) and then the Publisher of over 70 books set in that Universe with Audible stories, videos and other entertainment.

The challenge for me, is that I am pretty damned swamped writing my own books, co-reviewing and tweaking my collaborations, and conducting the amazing and awesome KGU with so many other talented authors. I have decided, without too much argument with myself, that I am a creative idiot.

Or, as the LMPBN business card I have says, I am into Disruptive Imagination.

I can say, without any doubt, I am certainly into disruption.  As in, I’m disrupting my life while I start another Universe as we grow Kurtherian Gambit by many books a month.

Now, I couldn’t do this without multiple people on the KGU side taking a load off my shoulders, and Martha Carr stepping up to take a big chunk of the Oriceran Universe details as well and I want to make sure that if we succeed where others fear to tread, I’ve admitted right up front it wasn’t ‘all me.’

Cause, no f’ing way can I do it all.

So, why do it?

The answer is that I have written well over a 1,000,000 words of KGU and I’m approaching 1,000,000 words or more of collaboration content (words) as well.  Every once in a while, as a creative, you need to ‘get more stories into your head, so you are rejuvenated to keep going.’  For most creatives, that usually means more TV, movies, audio books, go travel to see new things, and other types of input in general.  For me, it means I need to get involved in something non-Kurtherian to allow me to clear my head.

I will be reading just other stories, or watching movies I want to see as well.  But, for my whole life, I have been a voracious reader. I would happily go back and read a favored story for a 3rd time over going to see a brand new movie I’m only mostly interested in.

(This desire to read over movies drives my wife nuts.  She grew up in Hollywood – so movies are her thing. It’s like she is Venus and I am Mars or something.)

So, here is the other idea I had running around in my head for a time.

Similar to Kurtherian Gambit, it has a basis in reality and the background for some of this is from our longest traditions, including traditions handed down to us from our most Holy books.

Then, I happen to ask the question… What if the truth is there, in all of this ‘pseudo-science and alternate history beliefs’ and there are groups who not only hide the truth, but are required to hide the truth due to agreements made millennia ago?

When you add a dash of human history review, race relations (or rather, non-race relations), fear for your own people and the self-righteous bastards we all have, you have a Universe that is going to provide stories that will be fun to read.

Cheer on those who fight the good fight, watch those who deserve to be crushed…Hopefully be crushed.

We will have friends we grow old with, and a few that I imagine will die before we, as readers, are ready for their demise.

Thank you for taking a chance on us, as we bring you the Truth…  Because WE happen to know, you CAN handle it.

Ad Aeternitatem,

Michael Anderle

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